Working Closely with the Charities to Ensure a Successful Event

January 14, 2014

At Bay Street Hoops, we have a very special relationship with the charities we support through the tournament. We don’t just sign a cheque at the end and organize a traditional “meet and grip” (or grin) event.

Instead, we expect the charities to work with us throughout the planning stages and during the actual event. Representatives from the charities come to our regular meetings and contribute to ensure a successful tournament. They bring along their sponsors and supporters and help us recruit volunteers.

In fact, this is how I became involved eight years ago when I was still with Variety Village. I found this to be a very unique experience – one that was beneficiary for both the charity and the organizing committee.

When you work for a charity, it’s rare that you become this involved with a third-party event organizer. At the same time, for the event organizers, it’s a sure way to learn more about the charities, to really understand what they do and accomplish.

This close relationship between the tournament’s organizers and the charities is probably one of the main reasons why Bay Street Hoops is now in its 20th year. Because we work so closely with the charities, we become part of it. It’s an easy way to feel inspired and encouraged to work hard.

We always know where the money is going and that our hard work is definitely worth it!