1. It’s a charity tournament, this is not the NCAA tournament. As a participant, you are invited to the Post-Game Party where you can watch the NCAA games.
  2. All games will consist of two twenty-minute halves. The first half will be running time, the second half will allow stop time for the last two minutes if the point spread is 15 points or less.
  3. Overtime periods will consist of 3 minutes stop time.
  4. It’s a charity tournament, the most you’ll win is a pair of shoes. However, the charities stand to win over $200,000. Thanks again for your support.
  5. The three-point line is in effect.
  6. Each team is allowed 6 fouls per half before bonus (1-and-1) begins. At 10 team fouls, the opposing team will shoot 2 free throws automatically.
  7. It’s a charity tournament. Please participate in the auction on Saturday night at the Post Game Party.
  8. Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls.
  9. Each team will be allowed 2 time-outs per half, and one additional time-out for each overtime period. Time-outs will not carry over to the second half, nor overtime periods, if unused.
  10. It’s a charity tournament, the board certified referees are volunteering their time.
  11. Under the “1999 Founding Father’s rule”, any player who receives a technical foul for fighting will automatically be disqualified from further play in the tournament.
  12. Any flagrant foul (ie. intent to injure, swinging elbows, pushing another player, etc.) will result in automatic disqualification from further play in the tournament.
  13. It’s a charity tournament, the scorekeeper and timers are volunteers too.
  14. FIBA rules will govern play unless otherwise indicated above.
  15. All referees decisions are FINAL.
  16. Remember – IT’S A CHARITY TOURNAMENT, have fun!


MARCH 28 – 30, 2019