University of Toronto Athletic Centre, 55 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6

The 2024 Bay Street Hoops tournament will take place over 3 days (June 6-8, 2024).

Three-Point Shoot Out

Kids Clinic

Post-Game Party
Saturday, June 8, 6:30 p.m. at Isabelle’s (548 King Street West)


  • Men’s Competitive
    For individuals who play basketball often and have played at college, university and/or higher.
  • Men’s Rec A
    For individuals who play often once a week and played in high school and in a league currently.
  • Men’s Rec B
    For individuals who used to play frequently and likes competitive games. Currently plays once a month on average.
  • Men’s Rec C
    For individuals who used to play frequently and likes competitive games. Plays once every two months on average.
  • Men’s Rec D
    For individuals who rarely play basketball. Currently plays once every six months or at Bay Street Hoops tournament.
  • Co-Ed
    For co-ed teams. There must be a minimum of two female players on the court at all times.
  • Women’s
    For women-only teams.
  • Masters
    For individuals over the age of 40.

Tournament Fees

First team – $2500 CAD
Second team – $1750 CAD
Third team – $1750 CAD

Tournament History

The first Bay Street Hoops tournament was held in 1995 and was mostly about basketball. With eight law firm teams and less than $10,000 in proceeds, we never imagined it would get much bigger.

Over the next few years, the tournament grew. People loved the tournament and teams from all areas of Bay Street were signing up. We realized we had hit on a great idea.

It was then that we decided that the tournament should be about more than just basketball. It should also be about giving back to the community.

As we started focusing equally on basketball and community, we also made the decision to engage directly with the groups we were supporting.

We chose to focus on smaller children and youth charities. We wanted them to be part of the Hoops committee and the tournament. We wanted to be part of the chosen organizations. We wanted to experience the impact our efforts had on the children and youth.

Today, Bay Street Hoops hosts 56 teams, divided into men’s women’s, and co-ed divisions, representing all skill levels. Last year, more than 600 players from Toronto’s leading law and accounting firms, financial services companies, and other corporations, as well as hundreds of spectators and volunteers, attended the tournament and its related events.