Athlete’s Profile: Taylor Redmond

February 14, 2014

By Steve Redmond, Parent/Coach

Our son Taylor has had a number of obstacles in his life to overcome, and we feel that Special Olympics has helped him to overcome them and succeed in his life.

Taylor is very self-confident and participates with skill in three Special Olympic sports: Basketball, swimming, and track. My wife and I feel that Taylor is a “Special Gift from God for us.”

We are so proud of him – especially with his hard work in school and his public speaking.

With Taylor, we learned very quickly that it’s not about what you can’t do but it’s about what you can!

He has many endearing qualities, like his sense of humour and friendliness that often bring out the good in others.

He has been provincial Gold and Silver medalist in the past two provincial games on his basketball team.

Taylor works part-time at the Mitchell Athletic Centre at the University of Guelph and has a Sports radio show – the Guelph Gryphon and Special Olympics Sports show on CFRU 93.3 FM on Wednesday afternoons.

He recently interviewed Mario Andretti, World champion Driver of the Century, and Robby Fabbri, star centre of the Guelph Storm.

Special Olympics means so much to all athletes and changes lives in many positive ways.

It makes Special Olympians more confident and more physically fit. It teaches them how to cheer others on and help them. The most important thing for Taylor and others is that they meet many new friends through Special Olympics. Taylor and his friends go to games, dances, movies and just hang out together.
His friends around him make his day.

The biggest challenge that Taylor has faced in his life is getting accepted by others because of his disabilities – but these disabilities have never held him back. He can do almost anything that an able-bodied person can do.

But he needs to have coaches, teachers and friends who are patient with him and treat him fairly. Right now he does have this great support – and this has given him the chance in his life to be the best that he can be.

Last year the Bay Street Hoops Tournament had a Special Olympics event called the Buckster Cup and I was able to bring three youth basketball teams down from Guelph to compete. They had a great experience and met many new friends.

As Dikembe Mutombo (eight-time NBA All-Star and Global Ambassador for Special Olympics) says: “When you see the Special Olympic athletes, it’s very hard for you to turn away, these kids need me.”

Thank you sincerely to the Bay Street Hoops organization and all the corporate sponsors who are helping Taylor and other Special Olympic athletes feel like they belong and that they can succeed.