Why I Play in the Tournament

February 10, 2015

My name is Heidi Rumohr, and I cry at 30 second commercials. You know the ones…they involve kids trying to get a job to pay for their sports instead of playing with their friends. Man, they get me every time. The only thing worse for me, is seeing those kids in real life, which as a basketball coach in a high-risk area of Toronto is all too common.

I’ve played basketball all my life, and I’m one of the fortunate ones – my parents could afford to drive me to practice, games, buy my uniforms, the latest athlete endorsed brand name shoes, and hotel rooms for over night tournaments. I didn’t know how good I had it until I moved to Toronto and got involved with organizations that support kids in sport. Bay Street Hoops is one of those organizations for me. I get the best of both worlds – I get to compete in the expanding women’s division (multi-time Women’s Division Champions – GO BLAKES!) AND support two wonderful charities like Kidsport Ontario and Drive for Dreams, for 2015.

BSH is more than just a charity tournament, it’s an opportunity to also take part in the many activities throughout the weekend as well as the amazing silent auction at the post-game party. I get to see old friends, have an absolute blast at the after parties every night and sweat it out playing a sport I love.

So while I will forever tear up at those commercials, I can feel a little bit better knowing that by playing a game I love through the BSH platform, I made a difference for kids in sports.

Author: Heidi Rumohr
Small Forward/Supportive Bench Player
Women’s Division