Why Blakes Supports Bay Street Hoops

February 12, 2015

Blakes has been a participant in Bay Street Hoops since the first tournament in 1994, which was a 9-team men’s event. At that time, all of the teams in the tournament came from different law firms. From the beginning, BSH has been a charity tournament. Sick Kids was the first charity BSH supported, which was an important factor in our decision to get behind BSH. We were also the first organization to enter multiple teams in 1996.

A year or two later, we enthusiastically supported BSH's decision to create a women’s division and to expand the tournament to several divisions. This enabled teams of differing basketball backgrounds, to compete on a more or less level playing field with their peers. Since then, we have annually entered three teams, a women’s team and two men’s teams (one competitive and one rec). Apart from knowing that, through BSH, we have supported a number of charities focused on GTA children. We have found the tournament to be a good forum for a number of our lawyers and students to spend meaningful social time with their colleagues.

Thanks for getting involved in BSH, Rob Collins

Author: Rob Collins
Senior Counsel, Blakes