Spring Training Camp
On March 16, 2015, registered Bay Street Hoops players were invited to participate in a Spring Training Camp. Vidal Massiah and other Kings Nation Basketball coaches lead drills while Joel Kerr of The Health Institute taught players how to prepare their bodies for the tournament to avoid injuries. Around 35 players, both men and women participated in the camp and were extremely happy with their experience.

“I attended the camp for Bay Street Hoops and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It was a great chance to practice the fundamentals, and meet some of the other competitors. The BSH volunteers were very personable and patient; they were also very knowledgeable and took time to answer some questions I had. Overall, it was a great experience; thank you for setting this up!
Arun Nageswaran – Second Year BSH Participant

“The training session kicked off with great enthusiasm and energy from all the participating players. The Kings Nation Basketball coaches led a warm up and emphasized how important it is to keep proper nutrition and hydration during training and the tournament. We practiced dribbling, jump shooting, defence foot work, layups and had chance to play a couple of games. There was a great female presence and everyone enjoyed the training. Many greatly benefited from advice from the professionals.”
Julia Li – First Year BSH Participant

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen others make it happen” – The G.O.A.T Michael Jordan
This quote is a personal mantra of mine. Hosting a clinic for players to ensure they were prepared for the Bay Street Hoops tournament was a dream of mine. As my involvement with this charity increased year-by-year I wanted to do more, I thought about this idea over five years ago and with the support of Kevin Lowe (BSH), Taje Mohabir (BSH), and Vidal Massiah, it materialized Monday night.
The participants all enjoyed the experience and the level of professionalism Vidal and I displayed. We are both passionate about teaching and basketball, the participants also were ideal students as they were willing to learn.
I am looking forward to this year’s BSH Tournament and less injuries!
Thanks again for the opportunity.

Dr. J – Director of Therapy, The Health Institute

Spring Training Camp Spring Training Camp

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