Why I Participate in Bay Street Hoops

January 20, 2015

For several years I heard a friend talking about a charity basketball tournament she was involved with. As a lover of the game, I always thought, “I should get involved,” however something always got in the way. It was in 2013 when I decided no excuse was good enough, and joined the Bay Street Hoops (BSH) organizing committee and I am glad I did!

At first glance, the tournament is just that – a weekend of basketball – but within minutes of being there, you realize it is so much more. While all of the players, volunteers and committee members are passionate about the game and having fun, they are there for one common goal – to ensure youth across the city have access to sport.

I remember participating in sports from an early age. While I was never going to be an elite athlete, my parents saw how happy coming together as a team made me and did whatever they could to ensure I could be on the ice as much as I wanted to be. They saw the importance of having strong role models (coaches) and even when I was the weakest link on the team, knew I was learning something and encouraged me to get back out there and do my best. This encouragement lead me to join my university varsity figure skating team and to cover basketball as a journalist for my school paper and the OUA/CIAU online. Sports built my self-esteem and gave me confidence, both which have benefited me in my professional career.

To me, the BSH tournament provides youth the opportunity to discover what they are passionate about, to develop under the guidance of strong leaders and to simply have fun. Isn’t that what being a kid is all about? I recognize that without the BSH tournament, many children may not have the opportunity to put on their first jersey or to hear the words, “do your best, I believe in you,” from a coach or volunteer. That’s why I participate in Bay Street Hoops!

If you are interested in playing on the team you can register online, or if you have any questions please email info@baystreethoops.com

Author: Erin Truax
Second Year BSH Committee Member
Co-Lead, BSH Social Media
Go Raptors Go!