Don’t Miss the 3-Point Competition

February 17, 2015

You don’t have to be Steph Curry to win the BSH 3-Point Competition. I’ve been involved with the competition as an MC, a coach and a cheering teammate. It’s one of the more competitive shooting competitions and my favourite part of the tournament. Each team is able to enter one participant to represent their squad. Shooters have less than a minute to make as many 3 pointers as they can from their favourite spot on the floor. The male and female champions are crowned and their entire team gets to bask in the glory. For me, it’s not about how many shots go in, rather, it’s about the characters that enter the competition and the atmosphere of the event.

My favourite characters can be categorized into 4 stereotypes.

1. The Cheater

This is the player that strategically places their feet right on the 3-pt line to gain an edge of a few inches and if unchecked continues to creep closer and closer to the hoop until they are almost shooting a free throw.

2. The Taking This Way Too Seriously Player

We all know and love this player. Their warm-up is detailed and excessive. They inquire about every detail of the competition. They question the rules and obsess over loopholes, AND more than likely, they play for a law firm.

3. The Excessive Accessory Shooter

This is the player that spends more time in Foot Locker than in the gym. They need multiple bags to carry all their swag. They have the headband, wristbands, two shooting sleeves, and tights. They may not shoot well, but they look amazing.

4. The Trash Talker

This is my personal favourite. The trash-talker is usually more funny than disrespectful, and they could either be good or a complete bum. However, their entire strategy is getting into the head of all the other competitors. The iconic Larry Bird made this cool during the NBA 3-point contest when he famously walked into the locker room with the other contestants and said, “Just wanted to see which one of you will come in second."

I can’t wait for this year’s competition and the characters that will show up. If you’re around on the Saturday of the tournament, make sure you check it out! If you have any questions about the competition please email us at:

Author: Sam Boateng
3-Point Competition Hype-Man